The scientific program of the school consists of invited lectures, as well as experimental work in the laboratory. All the lectures will be presented by specialized and experienced scientists, experts in their field, from different countries. The experimental work leading to the practical knowledge of the Electron Microscopy technique will be held at the Electron Microscopy Laboratory of the Physics Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, which is the host institution of the school.

Apart from the lectures, the participants will have the opportunity to briefly present their work on the field and discuss their results with the lecturers. Such a direct contact with professors and researchers working on this subject for many years is considered of great value. A 10' oral presentation slot is available for interested participants.

The school boasts a unique, interactive curriculum combining both classroom teaching and extensive laboratory work. Apart from these, the school offers a very rich social program.

The language of the school is English.

School Program in detail

The detailed program of the school with the exact time schedule is now available for download.

School Program in brief

This is provided for general guidance only. For the accurate and exact time schedule of the school, participants are requested to refer to the above "School Program in detail".

Tentative school program